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Our focus on integrated information technologies for security, life safety, asset management, homeland security and premises management incorporates both wired and wireless intrusion, fire and gas protection and access control systems for commercial applications. We supply our customers with leading edge systems for surveillance and video image storage / retrieval. We are able to integrate all surveillance and access control functionality into a single enterprise-class system. SIDUS is a single source provider that works with brand manufacturers offering their customers names they know and trust.

SIDUS has extensive experience with a variety of imaging systems mounted in safe areas, hazardous areas or deep underwater applications. Typical uses have included surveillance, detailed inspection, image capture, and recording events. Offerings include: high and low resolution color, monochrome, low-light and infrared cameras and the ability to transmit those images via LAN/WAN or the Internet.

The ability to position any camera requires a positioning device that is capable of moving to where the target is. Our systems offer smooth motion via the use of high torque motors and low backlash gears. Our devices are simple to control using standard analog voltages or digital serial data. Additional features may be requested, such as preset positions, adjustable slew rates, and housing designs to fit any area classification. Most offerings are fully field serviceable.

SIDUS provides a broad range of lighting solutions that effectively compliment your ability to see or enhance the image quality of camera systems. Applications include hardened hallway lighting for marine applications, hazardous area lighting used for illumination where explosive gases are present and high intensity discharge lighting used for subsea applications..


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